My Photography Expedition out West

Over the summer I got the photography experience of a lifetime. Two of my friends and I got the opportunity to travel to Wyoming and Montana to explore some of the most beautiful destinations in the world. During our 16 day adventure we traveled to multiple national parks that offered extraordinary opportunities for photography.

Our first stop was Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone is home to geysers, flourishing wildlife, wild animals, and incredible vistas. At Yellowstone, bison roamed the open fields, elk wandered through the dense forests, and water majestically flowed down  rivers. Seeing the beauty of nature and wildlife and capturing it with my camera was truly an amazing experience. Here is Yellowstone’s information link:


Our next stop was Grand Teton National Park. This park offered vast and towering  mountain ranges. We hiked many miles and found  hidden lakes right at the base of mountains, which provided remarkable landscape photography shots. Here is information on Grand Teton National Park:

Grand Teton National Park

Lastly, we traveled to Glacier National Park. This park had it all. Located at the uppermost part of montana and the United States, Glacier is known for its bears and wilderness area. Although we didn’t see any bears, we had a very close encounter with big horned sheep and moose. Our stay at Glacier was only one day long; however, we hiked nearly 15 miles and got to see a lot the part had to offer. Glacier provided the best landscape and animal shots with its tranquil lakes and fearless wildlife. Here is a link to Glacier National Park:

Traveling out west allowed me to take thousands of pictures that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Glacier National Park


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