Polarizers: Why You Should Have One

Before my adventure out west, I knew I would be taking a lot of photos outside. Additionally, I knew I would be taking pictures of lakes, rivers, and skies in a majority of my shots. Knowing this, I decided to obtain a polarizer that mounted on my lens. Polarizers are used to eliminate glares (especially on water), saturate colors, and enhance colors found in the skies (blues and whites).

In about 90% of my photos I took on my adventure, a polarizer was used. According to Bestbuy’s description, “This circular polarizer features high-quality optical glass that helps remove unwanted reflections from nonmetallic surfaces, such as glass and water, for clear, detailed photos”. You can get a polarizer from Bestbuy using this link for only $19.99: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/55mm-circular-polarizer/1048555.p?id=1218213534303&skuId=1048555&st=polarizer%20&cp=1&lp=1

Notice the vibrant colors and lack of glare

Notice the vibrant colors and lack of glare

Some tips for buying polarizers:

Make sure the polarizer size corresponds to your camera lens’ size. Just because you have a 55mm lens doesn’t mean you should buy the 55mm polarizer. This is because the polarizer screws into the grooves just outside the glass of the lens. On the bottom of your lens there is a number value next to a circle with a cross through it. This is the size of the polarizer you will need to properly fit your lens. My 18-55mm lens has the number 52 next to the circle with the cross. This means I would have to buy a 52mm polarizer.

Make sure you do not screw on the polarizer too tight. Gently place the polarizer on your lens until it is a comfortable fit. If you screw it on too tight, get a rubber band, twist it around the polarizer for  an extra grip, in order to loosen it.

Make sure you test the polarizer. Get comfortable using it. Play with how much to focus it in order to get the optimal shot. Also, don’t be afraid to take multiple shots with different polarizer settings.

For more information on polarizers visit: http://improvephotography.com/331/polarizer-filter-photography/ 


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