DIY Steadicam Tutorial

Have you ever wondered how professional filmmakers get a perfect and smooth glide to their shots? Using a piece of equipment called a “steadicam”, filmmakers can achieve incredibly smooth clips that provide a visually appealing effect. For only $15 and a couple hours of your time, you too can create a steadicam for your home movies.

Check out this step by step video on how to make your own steadicam:

Steadicams use the dispersion of weights in order to counter the camera’s weight. This creates a smooth motion. Some professionally made steadicams run as high as $500.


Personally, I built this rig and it works very well. I had some of the materials already too, so it didn’t cost that much to make. After assembling the steadicam, I mounted my camera on to it and got a feel for how it wields. I recommend testing it out and fine tuning it to your liking before using it on your personal videos. Making your own steadicam is efficient and effective for any low-budget filmmaker and aspiring cinematographers.


3 thoughts on “DIY Steadicam Tutorial

    • Good question! The homemade steadicam has a much less complicated system of bearings and weights; thus, the glide will not be as smooth as the professionally made steadicams. Im very impressed with the quality of the DIY steadicam and for only $15 dollars it is definitely worth it at the amateur level. If you are looking to make professional or commercial videos i would recommend either renting or purchasing a real steadicam. Here is the website for professional glidecams for sale:

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